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Remedia Facility Management Services was established 9 years ago in the city of Bangalore to address growing demands for professionals to manage the maintenance and upkeep of commercial establishments, large corporations and residences.

Facility Management is a function that integrates people, places and processes within a built environment with the purpose of improving the quality of life of people and the productivity of businesses.

Our Facility Management Services encompass a broad spectrum of activities including Housekeeping Services, Pantry Services, Carpet and Sofa Shampoo Services, Floor Polishing Services, Façade Cleaning Services, Electro -Mechanical Services, AC Maintenance, Plumbing Services, Garden Maintenance and Pest Control & Security Services which are described on separate pages of this website.


Fresh and clean surroundings lead to a healthy working environment which is a primary requirement for the wellbeing of employees. All studies point out that this increases employee effectiveness and productivity substantially.

Furthermore, the cleanliness and standard of hygiene in a premise has a major bearing on the first impression a visitor gets of the organisation or commercial establishment he is visiting which will also influence his thinking.

Get in touch with us for the maintenance and upkeep of your premises and facilities and be assured of your complete peace of mind.

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